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What happened to the radio test rule?
Found back cash.

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What happened to the radio test rule?
That's a big sale for a .cash domain that only sounds good reading it right to left. [biggrin]
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100 Domains For Sale!
bitcoin.link is listed but says sold in your other thread
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DomainSherpa retires from his internet show.
I like the show but their domain valuations were always above reality. Maybe someone will start something new to take its place. Anyone take the domaining course they offer? Always wondered if it was any good or a waste of money? 
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4 L .com domains wanted
Always looking for good pronounceable LLLL .coms, $200 - $300 range. PM me what you have for sale.
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BamBam is in the house!
Hey chat domains just wanted to say hi and I'll be seeing all of you in the threads when time allows. 
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