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Ton.org sells for 48K
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Domain Portfolio For Sale.
Wheres the link?
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Namescon ROTD Auction submissions have started.
25% is a lot but I guess the domains are promoted well. I have not sent any off thought I'd see what they are adding first. Anyone get approved yet or is it early?
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What happened to the radio test rule?
Since I've been around the domain industry I've always been told a domain name needs to pass the radio test or flow off the tongue, you know what I mean. From time to time I check recent sales at namebio.com like many do I'm sure and this one really caught my eye this morning.

Actually the sale price of $8,340.00 US is what stood out and then I looked at the domain. It says Back.cash sold for this amount and here's the skinny.  https://namebio.com/back.cash

Is it me or does this sound funny when you say it? I mean we all know about cash back but what is back cash?

As most know I'm more of a .com guy but if domains like this start selling for upper four figures I'm going to be adding a few more to my portfolio just in case I can hit a good lick like this one.

Congrats to the buyer but a really big congrats to the seller for sure! [wink] I'd say the radio test didn't apply here at all unless I'm missing something. #WTF
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Question for all members
I have no problem either way. Its easy just to click topics to find the latest posts. The question is whether it's better for your search results for it to show the categories page or topics page. I can't answer that but maybe someone else can.
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Andrew Rosener purchases DomainSherpa.com
Breaking this morning Andrew Rosener of Media Options has bought DomainSherpa.com that shut down in September this year.

Whats your thoughts? Personally I'm glad it's back so lets see how it goes.

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Happy Birthday
@mark hope you have a great day today, happy birthday. [thumb]
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Sold Arabic.Media and Bitcoin.Link
domain wrote: Do you believe that using Dub.io has helped gain traffic and visibility to your domains? Basically, helped sell more domains?

Have you tried it @domain? First I'd heard of dub.io.
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.boston anyone? Post them here...
I haven't been buying lately but I'm surprised no one has listed any .boston domains purchased. 
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happy-or-not.com, oh my!
Give me a break. 14.5 million in funding and this is the best they can do finding a domain? Happy-or-not.com, hate the name and the hyphens. [eek]


Just checked and happyornot without hyphens appears to be for sale too. LMFAO
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Big news myworld.com sells for 1.2 million dollars!!!!
Two word myworld.com has been reported this morning being sold for 1.2 million by dnjournal.com. Looks like the price of two word .com's just went up! [wink]

The link - http://www.dnjournal.com/archive/domainsales/2017/20171018.htm
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Vegas shooting at Harvest Concert! 58 killed...
There is a Go Fund Me page here:  https://www.gofundme.com/dr2ks2-las-vegas-victims-fund

I was just in Vegas a few weeks ago, great people and great city! 
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The 10 To 45 Days Auto Renew Collection Process
I'll jump back in this thread when I get a translator. [confused]
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The 10 To 45 Days Auto Renew Collection Process
Rite777 wrote: Do you believe complaints and feedback = thousand, millions and billions of dollars in a long run? 

What the hell does that mean and whats your point? That make no logical sense. I asked a simple question, whats your issue and what do you want done to resolve your issue? Can you even answer that?
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The 10 To 45 Days Auto Renew Collection Process
Ok other than you confusing the hell out of me with lease, rent, consumer protection act, credit cards, debit cards and so on explain your gripe in a reasonable way most people could possibly understand! You're all over the place, I don't even know WTF your issue is now.
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