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The 10 To 45 Days Auto Renew Collection Process
I'll jump back in this thread when I get a translator. [confused]
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The 10 To 45 Days Auto Renew Collection Process
Rite777 wrote: Do you believe complaints and feedback = thousand, millions and billions of dollars in a long run? 

What the hell does that mean and whats your point? That make no logical sense. I asked a simple question, whats your issue and what do you want done to resolve your issue? Can you even answer that?
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The 10 To 45 Days Auto Renew Collection Process
Ok other than you confusing the hell out of me with lease, rent, consumer protection act, credit cards, debit cards and so on explain your gripe in a reasonable way most people could possibly understand! You're all over the place, I don't even know WTF your issue is now.
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The 10 To 45 Days Auto Renew Collection Process
Rite777 wrote: @liber if you rent a room from me and agreed to pay me month to month basis. And you made your payment rent on 09/01/2017. When it's your next rent payment? 

It would depend on what my rental agreement said. If the landlord requires payment in the lease 30 days prior then that's when it's due.

You are making this the way you want things to be, doesn't happen that way in the real world. Sorry.
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The 10 To 45 Days Auto Renew Collection Process
Rite777 wrote: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Consumer_protection Rite777 wrote: Those are some reason why some companies/businesses aren't around. And onece that understand are standing still and gets all the worms? 

If you think they are breaking laws then complain. Be sure and come back here and let us all know how you wasted your time.
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The 10 To 45 Days Auto Renew Collection Process
Rite777 wrote: There was funds in the Debit card; But the main situation here is the 10-45 etc. days of collection process. 
The above scenario, is an example of being reasonable and fair. 

Its been this way forever, do you really think you are going to change anything? Are you just venting and if so what we think doesn't really matter. [wink]
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New forum look

I like the new feel but its going to take some getting use to and my head is chopped off. [eek]
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New Funding Business
Rite777 wrote: http://dngeek.com/2017/09/startups-domain-names-traceme-com-skisolutions-com-datacubes-com/

There's some real crap in that list of domains. Talk about long tail .coms. [rofl]
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BamBam is in the house!
Welcome to the forum Bambam. [biggrin]
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Engine.xyz raises 200 million dollars
Nice seeing a larger company making good use of .xyz. [thumb]
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Outbound Marketing/Sales
Never had much luck myself but all you do is compile a list of potential buyers for your domain and send them emails.

Give them a way to opt out of your mail or its spam without it.

Search Google and look for domains being used that are close to what you are selling. Maybe you have the .com and they are using .whatever and might want to buy the .com instead. The trick is reaching the person in charge who can buy domains and make this decision.
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The 10 To 45 Days Auto Renew Collection Process
Mark wrote: Just like tonight 101domain.com renewed my domains due on Nov., 21 so that's two months in advance. So I paid two months early...

@mark Yes they are 60 days prior when on auto renewal. Probably one of the worst out there, 30 days is good in my opinion when you can find it.
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The 10 To 45 Days Auto Renew Collection Process
Mark wrote: Just got this bit of information...

In the case where the guy was being charged to get his domain back it was probably a ccTLD like .ch, .es, .au etc. but I'm not 100% sure. These must be renewed 12 days prior to expiration and they are saying it's due to the registry and not them.

I'm thinking now it might be a good idea to get a complete list of extensions they require early payment on because of it being a registry requirement. 

Is it just ccTLDs? I'm not sure but I will get back in touch with namecheap and see if I can get a complete list to share. If anyone has the list please post it, thanks..

ccTLDs take longer to process sometimes and that's probably why they require a 15 day advance payment on those domains. I know they don't on .com from my past experience with them. Not sure if they have any requirement to pay prior to expiration on gTLDs but it wouldn't hurt to check.

I think everyone should do their own investigation on renewals because there is not any one portfolio alike. @mark mentioned a list, well that list could change so check on your own portfolio is what I'd do just so you are clear on the terms.
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The 10 To 45 Days Auto Renew Collection Process
Rite777 wrote: To be fair, 45 days before a domain expired auto renew collection process is not fair. It is extremely early to charge a registrant. And this goes to all registrars that has this kind of terms, service and company policy. 

Actually namecheap is 30 days and not 45 days I'm pretty sure. Its not about being fair. Its their rules if you want to use them, If not then don't.

There is in no way that a Registrar can send you a bill notice of a specific date and what amount; prior the actual charging of such creditcard. 

Where does it say they or anyone has to do this?

This becacuse, the keep trying collection process to charge your creditcard and trying to collect the funds from your creditcard has no specific dates and time its transaction will go through. 

My credit card always has funds, thats why it called a credit card. What are you talking about a debit card from your bank or a prepaid card? Those are the kind that might not have money on them.

There can be so many attempts and tries to charge your creditcard; in this regard, it can result on a card being ban due to too many attempts and tries collecting funds. And possibly a negative consumer transaction record is placed. 

Again if its debit or prepaid make sure you keep cash in it or stop the auto renewal process. Sounds like theres times you don't have money in the bank and your pissed because they are trying to charge your card. its your fault if auto renewal is set and you don't keep funds on your card.

What's your thoughts and opinion?

Keep some cash in the bank or on your prepaid card. Or get a credit card that won't be rejected as long as you pay your credit card bill of course.
This sound more and more like your pissed because of cash flow issues.

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Fund to help Eric Lion & family. They have lost everything!
This is one bad storm and messing up a lot of peoples lives. [frown]
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