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Google Searches Now Focus on Your Actual Location, Not the ccTLD in Your Search
Quote: Last week Google made another update to the way their search engine works with searches no longer indicated by the domain but rather search results will be served the country service that corresponds to your location. Typing the preferred ccTLD into a search will no longer bring you to the various country services. It’s a change that could make ccTLD domain names less relevant for marketers and businesses.
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Sold Arabic.Media and Bitcoin.Link
Do you believe that using Dub.io has helped gain traffic and visibility to your domains? Basically, helped sell more domains?
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Sold Arabic.Media and Bitcoin.Link
Did the Bitcoin.link sale complete @Shayan?

I see the Whois still shows your name.
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If you prick us (new gTLDs) do we not bleed - Colin Campbell
Terminal doesn't understand or have "mindshare" for new gTLDs. :)[smile]

mindshare blockchain.png 
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If you prick us (new gTLDs) do we not bleed - Colin Campbell
I am amazed at how many times I see a hosting company, blogger, or domain investor refer to "the legacy" domains as if they have been anointed by some higher power. Fast forward 100 years from now and I can't imagine someone saying pick a .org over a .club because it is a legacy tld. I can foresee a time where someone might say pick a .org because it is a not for profit, or a .club because it is a member site about a passion, hobby, or buying club. 

There is, I admit, at this stage much greater mindshare for legacy tld's like .org and .net. Yet there also a number of legacy tld's that have not performed as well as .club. 

Based on Alexa top 1 million sites (as of today):

.Mobi has 662 sites 
.travel has 184 sites
.asia has 407 sites
.biz has 2948
.club has 2163 sites (after being out for just over 3 years)

How are we different from the legacy tlds and is it time we started treat all tlds equally based on quality of name and marketing.

If you prick us (new gTLDs) do we not bleed like all the other gTLDs?

Didn't think my high school required reading of Shakespeare would ever come in handy.

Colin Campbell,
CEO .CLUB Domains
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Sold Arabic.Media and Bitcoin.Link
Do you work for Unireg?

That is not accurate. They dropped domains but then put them into the registrar channel with premium prices. IMO ridiculous ICANN let's registires do this but whatever...

They are not legit sales if Bitcoin.link can only fetch a little under $1,000. Do you realize how many reported new gTLD sales do not complete? [smile]
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Sold Arabic.Media and Bitcoin.Link
This makes me think all the registry reported .link sales are not legit. Many other registry sales are too.

Did you auction the domain?

shayan wrote:
Thank you mate

Yeah, it was sold extremely cheap and the buyer was the clear winner. Bozorgmanesh is my venue [smile]
If you are in the market for cheap gTLDs, then please check out my thread 100 Domains For Sale
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Around The Corner News
The Blockchain means transactions are public anyway.
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Millions of Dollars Worth of Previously Unreleased Uniregistry Domain Sales Supercharges the Charts
Registry sale

Mark wrote:
Shop.link sold for 25K, that's pretty sweet!
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Sold Arabic.Media and Bitcoin.Link
I think you undersold Bitcoin.link. 

What is Bozorgmanesh?


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MMX.co… ‘please buy me’ owners of .VIP .Work .Law and everyone favourite .Horse
MMX is up for sale.
Graham Haynes shares some thoughts...
Quote: Mind and Machines (MMX)  are the evangelists for new gTLDs and own the good .VIP .Law .London, the bad .Garden .Luxe and the very ugly .Horse, are up for sale.
Quote: This was the company that fell head over heels in love with the nGTLDs and saw a world where the registry was king and could and would do it all.
Quote: They had their own registrar, offering only their own tlds and put their middle finger up to the traditional sales channels. Ohh that was quietly folded and all retail names transferred to Uniregisrty when the new CEO Toby Hall was appointed.  Toby then went cap in hand to Godaddy to say there had been a change of direction and please sell our name strings. A team of 13 sales guys whose job was selling premium names via outbound calls were made redundant.
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