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Sold My First Domain
Interesting - well done Rite777! 
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What's your reg. of the day, all extensions.
registered ColorChamp.com

could be useful for a digital printing company or a printer inks company. 
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Domaining Europe Berlin Auction
i didn't enter any pricing at this stage as it doesn't specifically ask for it in the submission. I would give it a try and see if they like your domain(s) to start with. Then deal with reserve and see what the commission is as it's not mentioned on submission form.   
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Domaining Europe Berlin Auction
@Rite777 I submitted call.world - rejected.

@Mark I couldn't find a criteria so it maybe worth submitting anything you may want to auction. 

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Domaining Europe Berlin Auction
If you have domains you want to auction then you may want to try submitting to Domaining Europe Conference below. there is still time and you get a response within 2 business days.


to learn more about the event visit:


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Domain renewal Price Lookup
very handy! thank for pointing that out.
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The offer above is not valid any longer.
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.Org Takes Top Spot on This Week's Sales Chart
Interesting to see a couple of verb domains in .org right up there.

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Two-word brandable .com that could be a site selling snowboards and accessories or a blog site reviewing snowboarding destinations.

Registrar: Godaddy
Expiry: January 17, 2018
Transfer: Godaddy push only

First to reply MINE gets it. Please then PM me your Godaddy Customer Number and Email.
Let's see who gets it!!!
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GoDaddy and Uniregistry
Mark wrote:
I read where GD stopped registrations but if someone has one registered there it appears they would have to allow it to be transferred out. I'm  sure you can still renew the ones already in your account too but haven't spoken to them. Where did you read this @1, TY.

Yes this is what I understand now after checking the details again.

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GoDaddy and Uniregistry
So it hasn't been a week to shout about for the new gTLD industry following the price hike of Uniregistry strings. Shows a complete lack of regulation and instability in what is meant to be a 'new era' for the internet.

Frank Schilling and Uniregistry have deserved the immediate consequences of this as Godaddy is not allowing any further registrations and transfers of any of its domains any more. Understandably so as it is the registrars who lose credibility and have to face up to all the customer enquiries and complaints.

I mentioned it has not been a good week, but what Godaddy have done could be the best thing to happen for new gTLDs as other registries will for sure not want to make the same mistake - you would think? especially when Donuts and others are not registrars themselves and rely on other outlets for registrations.

The new gTLD haters are already calling it an end, whereas the events of the past week could be an eye-opener for other registries and the start of more security, stability and transparency thanks to the response by Godaddy.

What do you guys think and how do you feel regarding your new gTLD investments? 

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Frank Schilling increasing New gTLDs Prices 3,000%
Mark wrote:
That's 15, I guess if there is actually 16 it will be posted some where. The article says 16 but maybe that's a mistake. Thanks for listing them @domain.

Here's the full 16 Mark:


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Have You Tried To Help Inform About New gTLDS?
I have tried this with a few people. I mentioned to a photographer about the options of photo/photos/photography.

I also spoke to a dentist who was then interested in a geo.dentist name but the price was a premium $3k so did not register.
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