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Happy First Birthday To chat.domains
I was an early member also. Happy bday chat.domains. 🍨

Love all the new emojis @mark

Boy there is a bunch of them now. âœŒ
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Park my domains where?
shri wrote:
Hello all! Is this where I can ask my domain related queries or any other topic heading?

Click on categories and search out the topic subject you want to post. This one is about domain parking. That help?

PS -If its in the wrong place Mark will normally move it to the right place.
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Fun .global Christmas contest FREE
I like contest hope chat.domains does another one again like before. Think they will?
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Fun .global Christmas contest FREE
No its from .global seen it on the internet. I played why not its free. [smile]
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VIP Brokerage Tops This Week's Domain Sales Chart with the Year's First Reported 7-Figure Sale
Rite777 wrote:
We are all new too. In my opinion for newTLDs; best to invest on single word names. Make sure the name adhered with the extension ( right of the dot).

Good advise @Rite777. [idea]
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Good Domain Names here :-) Make your offer!
Some good brandable in the list for sure. [thumb]
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Fun .global Christmas contest FREE
If you want a 1K gift card and a free domain get registered its free.

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Might need to lower that one. Never heard of a subtitle TV. [nono]
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Uncle Sam is coming after your bitcoin gains
Its a big ole bubble that's gonna pop. [wink][bawl]
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Domain Portfolio For Sale.
Dooners Domains wrote:
200.coms....some exciting ones!!!

Please contact


I dont email people for lists myself. Preferring list here or a domainer site is best I think. 
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What happened to the radio test rule?
Could it be a mistake? Never heard of back cash either and the .com sits for sale. Wow!
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Help those affected by Hurricane Harvey!
This is a horrible event. I have family that lives in this area but they left before the storm hit. Please give to the Red Cross if you can.

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Bitcoin has no consumer protection. Additionally there is no government regulation in most countries and this is what has made it so popular. Dispite how high it gets as you have mentioned there is no one party that controls it. This is risky stuff but profitable currently.
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Rite777 wrote: And I think there will be more solid regulations in crypto businesses/activities. When it comes to money, I think there should be some kind of guidance and regulations to protect consumers.

Isn't that why it's so popular no regulations and cant track it? 
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BitcoinCash.org - $48,888
WOW what a luck hand reg [crazy]
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