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What happened to the radio test rule?
Could it be a mistake? Never heard of back cash either and the .com sits for sale. Wow!
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Help those affected by Hurricane Harvey!
This is a horrible event. I have family that lives in this area but they left before the storm hit. Please give to the Red Cross if you can.

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Bitcoin has no consumer protection. Additionally there is no government regulation in most countries and this is what has made it so popular. Dispite how high it gets as you have mentioned there is no one party that controls it. This is risky stuff but profitable currently.
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Rite777 wrote: And I think there will be more solid regulations in crypto businesses/activities. When it comes to money, I think there should be some kind of guidance and regulations to protect consumers.

Isn't that why it's so popular no regulations and cant track it? 
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BitcoinCash.org - $48,888
WOW what a luck hand reg [crazy]
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Free & Open Internet Is Under Attack, Again!

A message from GoDaddy CEO, Blake Irving

In 2015, the tech industry and millions of individuals fought to legally protect the Internet from fast lanes and slow lanes, guaranteeing an open, unrestricted Internet that treated all data neutrally—not favoring big business over small. Unfortunately, the FCC has changed leadership and the open Internet is now under serious attack once again. July 12th marks a “Day of Action on Net Neutrality” across the Web. If you value the spirit of the Internet that’s driven so much prosperity and freedom around the world, please join forces with GoDaddy to get informed and take action today.

Read the full letter on Blake’s Blog → https://blakesblog.com/2017/07/netneutrality/

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Happy 4th!!
Just wanted to say happy 4th and have a safe holiday! [biggrin][thumb]
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Chat domains Calendar in task bar
Wonder what can be done here? Maybe we can have a chat night, domains for-sale night under a certain price, industry speaker or something. This could happen in the live chat rooms under chat.

Got any suggestions anyone? Seems like a wasted feature on the forum.
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.com and ccTLDs dominate latest startups chart.
GTLDs are not going any place, give them time. This list doesn't bother me that much, a few years from now maybe.

Funny how every one post charts when they drop but never show the uptick or new sites being launched such as Data.world. [smile]
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NameStat new gTLD Numbers - Falling Everyday!
Low priced domains caused this and now people are dropping the crappy ones that's all. Good gTLDs are still in play and untouchable unless you have the cash. Really no big surprise here that I can see.

A good lesson don't buy crap just because its 99 cents or lower and the same with .com as well.
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Schwartz AKA Domain King Threatens Domain Sherpa!
I watch the new shows from time to time, never go back and watch old news. I could care less about their fighting. [rolleyes]
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UJW.com sold for 14.3K
Is three letter .com dropping this looks like a 25K of better domain from what I've studied lately.

Three letter .net seems low as well.

Wonder how much new gTLD is messing with the price?

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TNTG.com stolen domain
TNTG is stolen and is trying to be sold all over the net.

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Emoji Domain Names Brand NEW Platform!
Teddy wrote: The new trend is here! Emoji Domain Names
I am starting a new platform for selling and buying emoji domain names!
You are welcome to add your domain names to the brand new platform.

Might want to look at this.

ICANN security group warns against Emoji domain names


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