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What happened to the radio test rule?
The world has shift; the change is here, moving forward  [crazy]
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Happy Birthday
Happy birthday Markus!  🎂 
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Thoughts for Excluded.net???
The value of your item/product is the value a buyer is willing to pay. That is my simple understanding. 
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Question for all members
Main page.
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New Funding Business
Rite777 wrote: http://dngeek.com/2017/10/91-newly-funded-startups-domain-names-ve-com-kudos-com-kolos-com/

Wow; horrible names; these startup need some serious marketing injection....🤦‍♂️
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What's your 2017 gTLD purchase and discussion?
Mark wrote: Bought some more LLL.xyz domains today.


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Spammers List!
I get these emails every single day; since I started collecting domains. On top of that, I get so many texting and calls. .....
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Some .xyz news today.
Great news for you Markus 🤣
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The 10 To 45 Days Auto Renew Collection Process
Liber wrote:

What the hell does that mean and whats your point? That make no logical sense. I asked a simple question, whats your issue and what do you want done to resolve your issue? Can you even answer that?

While back at NP, one member said don't leave creditcard at any registrars; she was right on this one.
The issue is I have so many names from them. And I think to solve this current situation is to retired from domain names collection all the way. You are right these practices has been active for years, they have been doing this for years. Nothing will changes and it will only get worst. 

So many interesting stories on domaining industry. I will retired from domain collection. I have over 500 domain names. I will sell them all; if anyone is interested, just PM. Good luck. 
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The 10 To 45 Days Auto Renew Collection Process
Zero issues here. I think the questions and answers might got this far. 
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The 10 To 45 Days Auto Renew Collection Process
You are making yourself more confused?  Now you just create business product for startup. 
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