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Presearch.org wants phase one beta testers!
Presearch has just been listed on ForkDelta!

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Looking to sell my Domain: ivb.com (Unconfirmed ownership)
I have reached out to @Doug to reply to the Whois email I sent to him for IVB.com. He has not replied through Whois email therefore I will update my post if he does. This domain is listed at GoDaddy with a $20.00 min. offer which seems a bit odd to me considering it's value but hopefully the OP will confirm ownership as asked.

Use caution until this domain, ivb.com ownership is confirmed. 

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Presearch.org wants phase one beta testers!
Some really good insight about the Presearch project today...

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Presearch.org wants phase one beta testers!
If you don't like free money, don't read this post. ÃƒÆ’°Å¸ËœÂ

I wanted to let all the members know that
Presearch.org is needing beta testers for their new search platform. This is a safe site and platform and all you need to do is follow the link and sign up. 

It normally takes about seven days to be approved but if it goes longer just drop me a PM and I'll speed up the approval if I can. You'll need to send me the email address you signed up with.

When you search on their platform you will receive a max of eight PRE tokens per 24 hours which can be held long term, or sold at a later date. The free tokens can be exchanged for real money so that's why I'm giving you a heads up.

So if you're wanting  to make a few bucks when searching the net go to Presearch.org!

BTW - I search from time to time and I already have 195 tokens valued at $52.65 current price at the time of this email. This could go up or down depending on the markets.

If anyone has questions just PM me or post them in this thread, I like to chat about the Presearch project... 

Here's more information about Presearch:

Presearch is a decentralized search engine that rewards community members with cryptocurrency tokens. It’s built by the community, for the community to provide an alternative to the current search monopoly. By exposing searchers to more options, Presearch aims to bring more choice to the marketplace and help people find better answers to their questions.

Current market price per token here: PRE
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Bid Now!
wizardchain is a good one, good luck with the auction! ðŸ˜Ž
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Nice sale. The entire market has been taking a hit lately, not sure how this will effect these type of domains but it can't help. ðŸ˜©
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Home.loans sells for 1/2 million dollars!!!
AlessandroCouteau wrote:
I hope it is a real sale considering I own Mortgage.Loans ;p 

All cash deal from what I heard.. 😉
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Happy First Birthday To chat.domains
Gnrao wrote:
  1. Many many happy returns of the day. God bless you all gnrao coimbatore

Thanks @Gntau
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Happy First Birthday To chat.domains
Rite777 wrote:
Hello world chat.domains first birthday 🎉 

Wish many more to come; and happy birthday 🍾

Join Chat.domains and it is totally free to join! 

Thanks... Wow time goes by quick, it has been a year since it launched. I appreciate everyone that's joined and continue to contribute to the forum. Let's keep growing and have a great 2018! 😉
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The.Club gTLD domain goes for 300K, yes $300,000.00 USD!
While many around the web are trying to get a grip on the sale of home.loans for 500K here comes another sale for 300K and the.club domain.

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Home.loans sells for 1/2 million dollars!!!
Rite777 wrote:
If that name sold for that much, loan.loan should get above the price. 💡

Thanks, yes loan.loan gets good traffic and click revenue. Actually it's better than loans.loans but I like them both. 😉

Since those can cover any type of loan looks like I need to value them a lot higher than I have them now... 
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Home.loans sells for 1/2 million dollars!!!
The big news today is that home.loans has sold and in cash for $500,000.00 USD. What's your thoughts? 

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