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List sites using new gTLDs here!

Providing easy access to cash, bitcoin transactions at automated teller machines.
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RIP M-M-Mel Tillis
You will be missed my good friend!

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Namescon ROTD Auction submissions have started.
So every year there's an auction at Namescon and a few selected domains will actually make it to the live auction while others will just get listed online.

I read where they only want .com domains submitted and that most of the gTLD domains will be supplied by the registries. Actually I never thought this venue was the place to try and auction off your best gTLD domains anyway but that's my opinion. 

If you're interested in entering some domains for review I've added the link below. Also note that I think their commission is 25% which is quite high...

If you get any domains added to the auction share them here, would also like to see the rejected ones too. 

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Spammers List!
Just started getting a lot of spam from this .me address. 

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Biometric payment cards an emerging frontier in banking security
The presence of biometric technologies in banking applications is steadily increasing, and embedded fingerprint sensor payment cards are the latest innovation ready to go public, according to a press release from ABI Research.

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Ton.org sells for 48K
According to namebio.com domain name ton.org has been just sold for $48,000.00 USD. Really nice .org sale, congrats to all parties!

Thanks to Rite777 for pointing this sale out to me... [smile]

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What happened to the radio test rule?
I don't know what back cash means either but nice sale at 8K. Surely an end user purchased it at that price. Will be a good one to watch and see if it gets developed or just used as a re-direct. You have me curious @Liber.
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Thoughts for Excluded.net???
drew wrote: Hey Guys!

Any ideas for this domain?


Thanks Guys.

Probably lower xxx re-seller and higher xxx to low xxxx end user. Like Rite777 said though it's worth what someone is willing to pay but that's all domains. 
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Happy Birthday
Rite777 wrote: Happy birthday Markus!  🎂 

Thanks... [biggrin]
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Question for all members
.one wrote: My vote is Topics where it shows all current posts

Thanks for your feedback.
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Question for all members
Which would you prefer? When you key into chat.domains do you want to be directed to the main page, Categories or would you prefer to be directed to Topics where it shows all current posts?

Personally I find myself going to Topics as soon as I login to see current posts but would like your opinion.

Please reply here, TY...
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Google Searches Now Focus on Your Actual Location, Not the ccTLD in Your Search
So if I'm understanding this correctly, if I'm from the U.K. and on Holiday in the U.S. only U.S. results will appear unless I make the modifications needed to view U.K. cctld extensions when searching Google. As to where before the ones ranking highest would always appear despite where I was searching from. 

I can see where the extra steps needed would make them less relevant, has anyone tested this out yet?

Correct me if I'm missing something...

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Happy Birthday
Thanks Liber its appreciated. [smile]
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Spammers List!
Spammer:  info@massimoag.com
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