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Around The Corner News
The biggest use of bitcoin is to launder! 

If they start tracking people watch the price drop...
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New Funding Business
I was reading an article on how .com is still #1 with start ups but when they start getting so long with characters and start using hyphens it 's time to look for alternatives. 
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Some .xyz news today.
Rite777 wrote: Great news for you Markus 🤣

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Some .xyz news today.
.xyz is back on sale in China per the news today. It's been well over 5 months getting this straightened out, should be good for .xyz investors.

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Some .xyz news today.
Digi.xyz sold for over 3K according to namebio.com.
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The 10 To 45 Days Auto Renew Collection Process
I think this thread has ran it's course. If anyone has a reason for it to re-open just drop me a PM.


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The 10 To 45 Days Auto Renew Collection Process
Just got this bit of information...

In the case where the guy was being charged to get his domain back it was probably a ccTLD like .ch, .es, .au etc. but I'm not 100% sure. These must be renewed 12 days prior to expiration and they are saying it's due to the registry and not them.

I'm thinking now it might be a good idea to get a complete list of extensions they require early payment on because of it being a registry requirement. 

Is it just ccTLDs? I'm not sure but I will get back in touch with namecheap and see if I can get a complete list to share. If anyone has the list please post it, thanks..
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The 10 To 45 Days Auto Renew Collection Process
Never had any issues myself. If I have auto-renew enabled they will charge my card and send me an email. If I don't they will let me know it's not on auto-renew and do I want to renew it?

That's what they all do, GoDaddy, 101domain etc...

I'm not clear on what bailing means. If it's bailing on the domain and don't want to renew then auto-renew should be off. My biggest gripe is 101domain.com auto-renews to early IMO and should wait closer to the renew date. Just like tonight 101domain.com renewed my domains due on Nov., 21 so that's two months in advance. So I paid two months early...

Only way to stop it though is turn off auto renew and renew yourself each month. I do this at GD and probably will start at the others too. Renewing yourself is also a good way to trim some of the fat in your portfolio. [smile]
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Engine.xyz raises 200 million dollars
Yes a company using .xyz raises 200 million, read more here. https://www.thedomains.com/2017/09/20/engine-xyz-raises-200-million/
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Millions of Dollars Worth of Previously Unreleased Uniregistry Domain Sales Supercharges the Charts
Check out this list of sales reported by DNJournal.

Shop.link sold for 25K, that's pretty sweet!

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What is XXVI?

Separating Google from Other Bets

Google parent Alphabet (GOOGL) has formed a new holding company to complete its evolution. The new entity is called XXVI Holdings, which captures the 26 letters in the Alphabet in Roman numerals.

The creation of XXVI Holdings puts a legal separation between Google and Alphabet’s Other Bets such as Waymo (autonomous driving) and Verily (life sciences).


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Move over Emoji, here comes Animoji

While it may just be a marketing ploy to get people to buy an iPhone X, Apple unveiled Animoji on Tuesday.

A new feature in iOS 11, Animoji’s are animated versions of emojis found on the iPhone. Animoji will employ Face ID hardware face-scanning features found on the  iPhone X to create custom 3D versions based on your own facial expressions. Supposedly they started working on this back in 2011.


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365.tv sells for $60,000.00 USD, real sale?
So what do you think is this a real sale or not? Honestly I have no clue...

Let's do a poll and see if we can guess this one. [smile]


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Grandma Bullied & Sued For Her Name ( Donate To Help Now )
Heidipowell.com has been taken for good, the end of a long fight. Money talks and this was a clear case of who had the most money to speed!

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Domain name Myth many don't understand!

Myth: Domain name registration equals domain name ownership

Domain name registrations are priced on a subscription-like model that allows a person or business to register that domain name for a certain period of time (usually in annual increments). At the end of the registration period, you (the domain name registrant) have the option to renew the domain name registration for an additional period of time or let it expire.

It is important to renew your domain name registration, or you may find that all of your work building traffic and views to your site ends up benefiting someone else (in the instance that someone else registers your domain name after you let your registration expire), and potentially costing you more in rebranding.

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