• happy-or-not.com, oh my!

    Give me a break. 14.5 million in funding and this is the best they can do finding a domain? Happy-or-not.com, hate the name and the hyphens. ...

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    Started by Liber

  • Engine.xyz raises 200 million dollars

    Yes a company using .xyz raises 200 million, read more here. https://www.thedomains.com/2017/09/20/engine-xyz-raises-200-million/

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    Started by Mark

  • What is XXVI?

    Separating Google from Other Bets Google parent Alphabet ( GOOGL ) has formed a new holding company to complete its evolution. The new entity is...

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    Started by Mark

  • Move over Emoji, here comes Animoji

    While it may just be a marketing ploy to get people to buy an iPhone X, Apple unveiled Animoji on Tuesday. A new feature in iOS 11, Animoji’s...

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    Started by Mark

  • Cannabis Talk

    Howdy, post your "Cannabis" news and info here. This thread is all about cannabis. ⚡️

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    Started by Toasnami

  • Crypto/Kryptos Chat

    This thread is all about crypto/kryptos news and information Post your topic findings here: ...

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    Started by Toasnami

  • Domainer's Feeders

    https://finance.yahoo.com/news/announcing-complete-agenda-disrupt-sf-233000224.html This is tech news

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    Started by Toasnami

  • Cloud News

    More cloud news http://www.lightreading.com/services/cloud-services/huawei-to-pump-$500m-into-cloud-strategy/d/d-id/736066?ref=yfp

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    Started by Toasnami

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