• Site Anouncements

    by Mark: As of today you can now get to chat.domains without entering the www in the URL. It works both ways.. We will continue using the email address...

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    Started by Mark

  • Please post in correct category!

    by Mark: Please try and find the correct category for your listing. Ex: Domains for-sale should go under one of the subcategories where you list domains...

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    Started by Mark

  • Main chat room

    by Ram: Hi, I'd like to see more member in the main chat room.

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    Started by Ram

  • forum rules?

    by Julio: Where can I read the forum rules? I want to know about self promotions.

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    Started by Julio

  • a few keywords on the forum title

    by Julio: Hello Guys, I was looking at the title of the forum and it could use a few keywords in there. Domain Names Forum - Domain Sales... - Chat.Domains

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    Started by Julio

  • Need a link to main forum

    by Mark: To @ChatDomains Hi, just a pointer, it would be good if a link was made via the logo to your main (forum) page. Hi Howie, I'm limited as to...

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    Started by Mark

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